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你说的这几个词都没有这样的用法,什么叫ring to do,你是想表达铃声做什么吗?也没有什么倒下做什么,拿做什么。根本就是不通的,建议楼主还是好好检查再提问吧。

But I don't know how to leave you, and I'll never let you fall; and I don't know how you do it, making love out of nothing at all(Making...

因为to在这里属于介词,所以加动名词或者名词 类似的还有 look forward to doing sth 动词+介词to+动名词作宾语结构。 这一种结构是考试中的大热考点,考生容易产生定势思维,想当然的认为“to”之后要跟"to do"不定式,所以,请特别重视下列含有“...

what are you doing to do in fall的中文翻译 what are you doing to do in fall 你在秋天做什么

fall in love with 的with 是介词,后面只可以加名词或者动名词doing 所以是:fall in love with doing

Why do we fall, sir?So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.《蝙蝠侠:侠影之谜 Batman Begins》 9、我在外表下是谁并不重要……重要的是我的所作...

Do you want to know how and why a fall leaf changes color? We first have to understand what leaves are and what they do.         Leaves are the world’s food factories. Plants take water f...

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Fall in loveDrunk in loveWave after waveI don’t know where the lights ...This is how we doYou know the words to my songsNo habla inglesGirls ...


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