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My favourite animal My favourite animal are elephants,because I think they are so prowful and friendly.Now most of them live in south and southeast Asia.We also can see them on TV or in the zoo.They have long noses,big ears and...

there is a zoo in the city,there are many animals in it 城里有一个动物园,里面有许多动物 双语例句 1 There is a delicious irony in all this. 这一切中包含了一种绝妙的讽刺。 2 Clearly there is a problem here. 显然,这里出了个问题。

TV we may see elephants , monkeys ,dogs ,bears...Many of them work in animal h_____. Others ... l___2___ for animals for his own zoo . ...


D 试题分析:句意:琳达和他的父亲常去动物园看动物. with一般引导伴随主语,本句实际主语是琳达,故谓语动词用单数. 在表示去哪个地方是,go后面要搭配介词to一起使用,故选D.点评:英语中介词with的基本含义是带有,伴随,表示伴随性动作,起引导内容...

分别是: 动物 动物园

歌曲名:Animal Zoo 歌手:Spirit 专辑:The Best Of Spirit Neon Trees - Animal Here we go again I kinda wanna be more than friends So take it easy on me I'm afraid you're never satisfied. Here we go again We're sick like animals We ...


D be built 这里要使用被动语态。to 后面用动词原形,所以C不对。而is to已经表示将来的情况了,所以不能再用will

选择A,野生动物园是被建立,所以要用被动语态,be going to后用be+动词原型。

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