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目的 英文

其实这些词:objective、purpose、aim、goal都有“目的”意思,只是看你怎么搭配而已哈,如 The purpose/aim of learning 翻译为“学习的目的”the purpose/aim of 主要表示“.....的目的” The objective is to do sth/aim to do sth 这两个词表示“目...

In order to 最简单的,比如 我们努力学习以达到有个好成绩的目的 We study hard in order to have a good mark

Activity purpose 例子: 学生为中心的活动目的是充分调动学生的积极性而不是被动的学习。 Student centered activities are aimed at engaging the student in active rather thanpassive learning.

你好! 目的 purpose 英[ˈpɜ:pəs] 美[ˈpɜ:rpəs] n. 目的; 意志; 作用; (进行中的) 行动; vt. 有意; 打算; 企图(做); 决意(做); [例句]The purpose of the occasion was to raise money for medical supplie...

This is our eventual purpose.

英文是:in order to achieve this goal. 详细解释: in order to 英[in ˈɔ:də tu:] 美[ɪn ˈɔrdɚ tu] [词典] 为了…; [例句]They have to have a basic understanding of computers in order to use the adva...

没有目的 No purpose; [例句]毕竟我是他们唯一的孩子,他们对我的爱是毫无保留并没有目的的。 After all, I am their only child and they love me deeply and truly.


purpose of the occasion 活动的目的; [例句]The purpose of the occasion was to raise money for medical supplies 那次活动是为筹集资金购买医药物资。

Dear visa officer: 亲爱的签证官: I come to Canada for sightseeing and also shopping.I will take the Flight ,Air Canada 754 which from San Francisco to Pearson, Toronto on August 2nd in 2013. 我来加拿大的主要目的是观光和购物,...

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