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目的 英文

其实这些词:objective、purpose、aim、goal都有“目的”意思,只是看你怎么搭配而已哈,如 The purpose/aim of learning 翻译为“学习的目的”the purpose/aim of 主要表示“.....的目的” The objective is to do sth/aim to do sth 这两个词表示“目...

目的 [mù dì] purpose objective target aim goal 相关解释: meaning intention intent motive telos hent quaesitum sake object view with a view of destination destination goal bourne whys scope 例句: 你永远应该以搞好你的工作为目的。...

你好! 目的 purpose 英[ˈpɜ:pəs] 美[ˈpɜ:rpəs] n. 目的; 意志; 作用; (进行中的) 行动; vt. 有意; 打算; 企图(做); 决意(做); [例句]The purpose of the occasion was to raise money for medical supplie...

so that the purpose is, in order to so as to

有目的性的 Purposeful 这说明意图是一种仔细考虑的、有目的性的,旨在伤害另一个人的行为。 This indicates that intent is a calculated, purposeful act aimed at injuring or harminganother. 你通常以有目的性的手段展示自己的优雅。 Your ...

目的是 我知道的可以这样表达: The purpose is Aim is The purpose is to Purpose

Activity purpose 例子: 学生为中心的活动目的是充分调动学生的积极性而不是被动的学习。 Student centered activities are aimed at engaging the student in active rather thanpassive learning.

英文是:in order to achieve this goal. 详细解释: in order to 英[in ˈɔ:də tu:] 美[ɪn ˈɔrdɚ tu] [词典] 为了…; [例句]They have to have a basic understanding of computers in order to use the adva...

This is our eventual purpose.


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