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冬天 :winter 例句: 整个冬天,自行车就放在地下室里。 The bike stood in the basement all winter. 春天:spring 夏天:summer 秋天:autumn


in winter对的in the winter表示特制某个冬天in the 1980s 是对的in 1980也是对的

Winter 在线提供帮助,望采纳。

freeze winter/ cold/ snow /scarves/gloves/ice/christmas/skiing


1. the ice-bound cold winter, the bone-chilling cold cold wind could not blow off the panic that world the spot spot to hug spatially has revealed my heart movement easily. 2. the winter arrived, the cold current has also come,...

Winter arrived, in this snow season, filled with joy. Wind continually blowing, and oneself in a warm room, my heart felt very happy. While in snow, snow in a free flying, it is so pure, give the earth spread a layer rug, make ...

1、Snowflakes fall down naughtily. They fall on branches of trees, on roofs of houses and on wheat fields. Soon the whole earth will be dressed in white. Everything is shining in the sun. 《冬天》 2、2.Autumn’s coming. 3.Everyt...

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